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The massive emigration to the overseas countries, that have occurred in three main waves, respectively, in the last years of the Nineteenth century and in the early ones of the Twentieth century and between the two world wars and after the second, was an event of considerable importance to our city.
The problem of unemployment, and perhaps the inadequate daily remuneration of workers forced hundreds of young and old to face hardships and adventures in distant lands. The prospect of a decent future opened the doors to hope. It was necessary to assure themselves and their families those things that the times and circumstances didn't offer in the country, where, after the decline of the flourishing maritime trade, the only agricultural economy could not meet the increasing demands of goods followed to the natural evolution of society and the significant population growth.
Wide communities of people from all over the districts settled in foreign countries, mainly in the United States, the Republic of Argentina and New Zealand. In this last land a large influx of citizens from our marine created another Lobra. The people who left Massa, were fishermen. They went there to fish, but their descendants have established themselves in all fields, including business and the free professions.
In large American cities, such as New York and Buenos Aires, and in many other cities of that vast continent, people from Massa were known for a spirit of enterprise and work skills suited to the frenetc approach to work in those countries.
The first impact with different realities was hard, but not demeaning. Day after day our emigrants built their own success with courage and determination, hard work and sacrifices. The modern historians and local literature authors have often included several pages in their works to talk about the odyssey of the first who had the audacity to stand against the wiles of the unknown and of the imponderable.
At the inauguration of this site, in my role as Mayor, on behalf of all the townspeople, I greet the great family of Massa scattered around the world, thanking everyone for their never failed attachment to the land of their fathers, sure that this noble sentiment will continue with intensity of affection in the soul of future generations. Thank you for always held high the name of Massa Lubrense, honoring its in every sector and in all circumstances. Thank you for your expressions of sympathy that often come to this administration, even by those who have never been to Massa, but desire to come one day to visit it. Thanks to those who came here and then came back to their countries with enthusiasm, having enjoyed the charm of the place, having discovered distant relatives that they didn't know, having received a warm welcome from people who have become friends by chance and that provided to make their stay as pleasant as possible.
In recent years many people, in order to obtain the dual citizenship, ask for the necessary certification for the data on marital status of their ancestors of three or more generations ago. There are enthusiast researchers of complete information about family trees and situations of collateral relatives. To these, as far as possible, the City Administration send useful information, by virtue of that bond of mutual love between the little country and its children away.
I hope all our countrymen, without distinction, can read us with interest. Whether they are young or old, grandchildren or great-grandchildren, whether or not the official Italian citizenship, what matters is that certainly in their hearts they feel themselves as our brothers through the indissoluble bond of blood and common origins.

For this purpose, I really wanted that in the official website was established the area "Massesi in the world", in order to allow them to be closer to Massa by sending e-mail containing, in addition to the text, the country of origin, country of residence and some photographs (maximum of 2, in jpg format) at: